Egor Bronnikov

Maastricht University | Free University of Moscow | European University at St. P. | UC Berkeley                        


Tongersestraat 53,

6211 LM, Maastricht

The Netherlands

I am a Doctoral Researcher and PhD Candidate in Economics at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. Additionally, I serve as a pro bono publico Adjunct Professor of Economics at the School of Science at the Free University of Moscow (Brīvā Universitāte) (read more here).

My research interests are Behavioural and Experimental Economics, (Behavioural) Game Theory, and Political Economy.

In addition, I am affiliated with the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (at the University of California, Berkeley), the Institute for Replication, and Dissernet (read more here).

In the 2023-2024 academic year, I am also a pbp visiting (external) lecturer at the Department of Economics at the European University at St. Petersburg and an MA thesis co-supervisor at Shaninka University.

Previously, I worked at Harvard University, Utrecht University, the University of Vienna, HSE University, and Transparency International Russia (read more here).


Feb 16, 2024 Here is an open letter on the murder of Alexei Navalny I joined.
Jul 18, 2023 I am participating in the EUR Summer School on Behavioural Health Economics.
Jul 5, 2023 I am participating in the QUT Winter School on Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Behaviour.
Feb 24, 2022 Here are several open letters I joined to declare my position regarding the war in Ukraine.

Selected Publications


  1. PersonnelPsucho_76_4.jpg
    Book Review of ’The Power Of Experiments: Decision Making In A Data-Driven World’ by Michael Luca & Max H. Bazerman.
    Egor Bronnikov
    Personnel Psychology,  2023,  vol. 76,  no. 4, pp. 1219-1221
  2. Democratiazation_2023_30(8).png
    [Political Science]
    Book Review of ’Voicing Politics: How Language Shapes Public Opinion’ by Efrén Pérez & Margit Tavits.
    Egor Bronnikov
    Democratization,  2023,  vol. 30,  no. 8, pp. 1628-1630
  3. DecPublCh.jpeg
    Book Review of ’The Voltage Effect: How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale’ by John List.
    Egor Bronnikov
    Public Choice,  2023,  vol. 194, pp. 229-230